Founder James A. Stuber

Alltham’s founder and President/CEO, James Stuber, has over 30 years of experience in key executive and legal positions in technology-based and other companies and the practice of corporate law.  In these roles, Jim has played a key role in the development and commercialization of new technologies, including development of patent portfolios and intellectual property strategies; negotiation of mergers and strategic partnerships with key industry players in the U.S. and abroad; acquisition of funding; formulation and implementation of business plans; negotiations with foreign governments; and development and implementation of regulatory approval strategies. 



Jim was the co-founder in 1999 with Patrick Le Pivert, M.D., Ph.D., of CryoFlex, Inc., developers of a new generation of medical devices for use in the field of cryosurgery.  In 2001, the assets of CryoFlex were sold to Critical Care Innovations, Inc., later renamed NuVue Therapeutics, Inc.  In 2007, Jim, as interim CEO, led a turnaround of Palm Beach County’s tourism marketing corporation after a major corporate theft, after serving as the corporation’s outside general counsel for many years. 


Beginning in 2008, Jim focused on technology commercialization services through the management consulting practice of Stuber & Associates in the greater Philadelphia area.  In that capacity, most recently Jim has served as outsourced EVP to NuVue Therapeutics, Inc., in the commercialization of medical microencapsulation technology developed by NASA on the International Space Station.



In 2014, Jim founded Alltham, P.B.C. and its sister non-profit, Made in America Again, inc.  From 2014 through 2016, Jim researched and authored the book, What if Things Were Made in America Again: How Consumers Can Rebuild the Middle Class by Buying Things Made in American Communities (Current Affairs Press, 2017).  [See]  Jim also is active in the Coalition for a Prosperous America, where he co-chairs the Buy American Committee.  []



Jim previously spent ten years in Washington, D.C., where he practiced at the law firm of Hogan & Hartson (now Hogan Lovells, and served as legislative director for a senior member of the House Energy & Commerce Committee.  He holds his bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, a master’s degree from Columbia University, and his law degree from Georgetown University.  He resides with his wife Susan and their four children in Berwyn, PA.

Outsourced Professional Services


Alltham has assembled a professional support team comprising the following:

  • 3dCart/GoEMerchant: Web store hosting
  • Jeanette Garner: eCommerce planning and consulting
  • Brinker Simpson: accounting, tax, and audit services
  • Royer Cooper Cohen Braunfeld: legal services
  • Wells Fargo: Banking and insurance services
  • Mid-Atlantic Employers Association: outsourced human resources services


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